Monday, February 28, 2011

a whole new world

no i'm not referring to the music in disney's aladdin, though now it's taking all my self control to not burst out into song right about now. no, this whole new world is fashion. baby fashion to be precise. there is something to be said about how dull and plain boys clothes are. you've got your simple polo shirts, logo t-shirts, sweaters/sweatshirts, and jeans. go to any store and they are pretty much identical to the ones in every other store. i can spend $5 on a batman tee at target that costs $14.50 at the gap. and walmart has plain colored t's that are only $3 that are crazy expensive at gymboree or even children's place. i am pretty snobby though about finn's jeans, which have to be purchased at old navy or gap. i don't care how much they cost, because boy's got some chunky thighs and stubby legs. i mean that in the most loving way of course.

but girls. oh girls clothes. every where you look, it's like "BAM! BUY ME! I'M RIDICULOUSLY CUTE!" 3 days after ada was born, i was perusing the racks at kohl's and spent more on four outfits than i think i'd spent on finn's clothes for an entire season, maybe even two seasons. for finn, i buy things at the end of the season for the following year when it's so stinkin' cheap. last year, i bought 17 items for less than $50! i know it's going to be the same stuff they will try to sell me next year for 7 times the cost. boys stuff looks pretty much the same year to year. for ada though, i'm afraid to buy too much, because i know next year's stuff is going to be even cuter than before. yet i have already bought too much. girl has a serious stash of clothes for the next year. more than enough for her precious little self to wear in the 3 month span before she grows out of it. but i don't care, because she is going to look fabulous!

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