Monday, February 21, 2011

not what he expected

finn is obsessed with animals. overly obsessed. if there were a word stronger than obsessed, it would be defined by how much finn loves animals. at night after prayers, he tells me all the animals that are sleeping in the world. "cows are sleeping. pigs are sleeping. turtles are sleeping..." unfortunately, he knows a lot of animals, so many nights we just shut the door on him as he continues to go through his list of who's already asleep. when we talk of any animal or see them at the zoo, he always says he wants to hold it and ride it, regardless of size or how terrifying it might be. i was certain he would someday become a veterinarian or farmer or just be the crazy cat man who lives with hundreds of cats. oooooh, or that man on animal hoarders that had thousands of pet rats that pooped all over the house and were running all over everything. that could totally be finn in 50 years. or so i thought.

my mom has a little girl in her class who raises cattle, so she invited us over to see the two baby cows that they have. finn was so excited and kept saying all weekend, "i go feed the baby cows now?" well, the time came and suddenly, he didn't want to be anywhere near them. we had to force him to touch the sweet little (taller than finn) babies and he was trembling as we walked toward the fence of the adult cows. yet now, 24 hours later, his recollection of our field trip is a little skewed. he keeps saying, "i touched the cows. i love the baby cows. i want a cow. i ride on a cow." my special boy.

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  1. But he looked so cute in his farmer boots! He'll do so much better when her baby pigs come in, won't he?? At least he doesn't remember being so nervous.