Sunday, July 26, 2009

i love weddings!

my friend aubrey got married on friday to a wonderful man named eric. she looked gorgeous. he looked dapper. they make a very cute couple and they had a fantastic wedding (and reception). there was a trolley that took us to the reception site! there were cakes on each table! there were beer koozies with their name and date on them! the wedding and reception were absolutely adorable and so showed off their personalities! oh, and there was a signature drink, the pfeiffer-tini, and let me say, woohoo! give this girl a few of those and a camera and watch out. oh yeah, and the pfeiffer-tini causes excessive amounts of fish-eye lens pictures.

happy wedding day, pfeiffers!
josh using the koozietable 16...carrot cake, my favorite!
josh and i on the trolleyme with the bride!
our table buddies, emily and ryan
the head table on stage
dancing the night away

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  1. ahh i love weddings too! and i think those signature drinks are sooo cool.