Thursday, July 23, 2009

if breastfeeding bothers you, don't continue!

my right breast should just be ashamed. on vacation, at one point, alyssa said to me, "so i guess you need to feed finn off your left side, huh?" apparently, in my bikini, she noticed what i have seen since the beginning of this whole baby feeding thing. i end up quite lopsided when it is time for finn to eat. my left breast is constantly screaming, "I'M TIRED OF DOING ALL THE WORK AND I WANT SOME HELP!!!" my right side gives about a 1/2 of the milk of the left side. i don't really care except for when i think about my boobs talking to one another and the unfairness of it all. it's just not fair for one to do more work than the other. that's all.

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  1. you are so funny to put this on your blog! hahaa I am so excited to get a quote on your blog! : ) So does this mean your boobs want a break? I was just telling one of my pals today that formula is so easy compared to pumping and breastfeeding a baby who decided to suck, sleep, play, then maybe suck some more. hahaa. enjoy motherhood!!