Thursday, July 30, 2009

oh dave!

no matter how old i get or how much older you get, i will always be your little girl! you have been such an influence on my life and still continue to be such an important man in my life, even though i'm all grown-up and adult-like. even during my angry teenage years with the teenage angst i brought into your life, you were there for me.

thank you for loving and approving of me throughout all my days. even the day when the police came to our house and yelled at me for tping with my friends (though i think you were a little amused). even when i somehow set my favorite sweater on fire in the bathroom at the waldwick house. even when i yelled that you were ruining my life because you made me get off of the internet at 4 in the morning. even when i spilled red nail polish in the middle of the family room carpet. even when i made you pay for a silly big wedding (though i think you were too proud to notice the price). even when everything. you have been an amazing father and now an amazing grandfather.

happy birthday papa! i love you.


  1. Chris Van VactorJuly 30, 2009 at 6:04 PM

    Oh Katie, now I'm teary again...thanks! It's now a great time to remove that crazy picture of your Dad and me...yes, NOW!


  2. I really meant, remove ALL CRAZY pictures of Dave and me. Thanks for trying to help Josh, but you didn't really help that much!! Where do all of these goofy pictures come from??