Monday, August 3, 2009

what a "great" day!

so i am exhausted. finn and i went to indianapolis today to go to the children's museum with trenton, alyse, aunt janelle, and grandma kathy. first, we stopped by qdoba downtown for lunch. finn choked on food for the first time and kathy jumped up and saved his sweet baby life. i think it was because he put food in his cheeks like a little hamster, storing it up for later. later came and he just couldn't get it down. all is well now though, and he has no residual fear of me on that!

we got to visit with his great aunt diane for just a few moments. she was recently given a sergeant position downtown around the circle, complete with a squad car and cute police lady outfit. it was great to see her and finn was so interested in all the gadgets that were strapped all over her.

then we headed to the children's museum to visit great aunt beth and popo (his great grandfather). they both work at the museum, so we got in on the family discount. read: slip-through-the-exit-gate-to-get-in-free discount. we got to see king tut's old stuff, play in some water tables, go on the carousel, see star wars costumes, and more! it was lots of fun, so much so that finn did not want to take his morning...or afternoon naps. still, today was a great day.


  1. wow that seems like a great family day! what did finn eat that he was storing and choking? Is he eating more now? Someday we'll have to make that journey together! : )