Friday, August 28, 2009

'god doesn't like winos' or 'thank you walkerton police department'

i went to buy some wine at the plymouth supermarket today with my mom. apparently, if you buy 6, you get 10% off, which my mom readily offered as reasoning to buy more than necessary. i looked at the shelf and wouldn't you guess, there were 6 bottles of the type of wine i was buying. i said, "this is a sign from jesus. let's buy all 6!" we left the market. i packed all my purchases in the back, then put my wallet on the top of the car while i put finn in his carseat. i returned the shopping cart, then sped away. about 10 seconds into the trip, my mom asked, "what's that noise?" i said, "i don't know. probably all that wine in the back."

one hour later, i was leaving my mom's house to drive back to west lafayette when it hit me. i didn't grab my wallet off the top of the car. did you notice that in my list of things that i did? i thought, "crap" (or honestly, a much harsher 4-letter word). my mom called the supermarket and the police department while i anxiously and methodically backtracked and drove slowly down each street. no luck. i called josh to get the numbers for all my credit cards. his response, "but i was going to go buy you kiwis like you asked." my response to him, "i don't give a crap about the kiwis right now" (or honestly, a much harsher 4-letter word). after an hour of searching the streets and dumpster diving to make sure someone didn't throw it away after stealing the cash, i cancelled all the cards. 5 minutes later, josh called to say the west lafayette police came by the house to let us know my wallet was in walkerton. walkerton is 20+ minutes from plymouth. what?!

yay! i got my wallet back. the walkerton police man said that it was found on a country road. i looked through it to find that someone took $5 out (and left $1?!) then tossed it out the window. another person (my saviour) found it and took it to the closest police station. what a night!

my thoughts: i said, "it's a sign from god" (to buy lots of liquor). god said, "i don't think so. i wouldn't signal that, now you must pay for your error in judgment." so he let me have it and made me sweat it out for 2 hours. then, he made things better after i apologized for liking so much wine. thanks god...for both wine and my returned wallet filled with useless credit cards.


  1. Ah, that explains where you were tonight! :)

    I wonder if kiwis would even be good with chocolate. I guess I will never know... Haha. ;)

  2. I did that once with my entire purse at target on top of my car. I wasn't buying wine that day though, so God had someone turn it in unharmed to the lost and found. :)