Wednesday, August 12, 2009

i like him

since josh was gone on our 3 year anniversary, we kind of just skipped over it like it wasn't that important. it is important. and he is important to me. josh has been such a fantastic husband over the last 3 years. i can't believe he has put up with me for this long; he must really believe in the commitment of marriage.

here is some evidence that he loves me.
1. he values my sleep and quietly gets ready in the morning without the lights on.
2. he cleans my breast pump parts.
3. he grabs my cell phone when he comes up to bed because he knows i probably forgot it.
4. he fathered my baby.
5. he cheered me on (outside the door) for my first post-baby poop which happened about a week after finn was born and felt the relief as if he truly shared my pain.
6. he drives me around even when i am the worst passenger-seat driver.
7. he learned to make way too much pasta for 2 people just because i like to reheat day old pasta.
8. he dirty dances with me at weddings, just because he knows i like to. just dance...not dirty.
9. he drinks skim milk now.
10. he told me that he loves me more than he loves finn, which to be seems unbelievable. they say you should put your marriage before your kids, but i'm still so wrapped up in this whole baby thing.

josh, i love you as much as i love finn. that's good enough for now, right? when he's a rotten teenager, you'll win out!


  1. this is so sweet. i'm jealous. let's find me a husband! haha :) but really.

  2. ok. so you are the coolest. and I can relat with you on the post baby poop thing.. I am pretty sure that our men never thought they would be cheering for that when they were propositioning us thru dating! congrats on 3 years!