Monday, August 10, 2009

to trash or not to trash

we have been in this house for a very short 45 days and the crap is still piled up. i look around at the many (and i mean many) boxes that are strewn about among the trash and still unpacked suitcases from vacation and josh's freelance jobs. those boxes. what is really in them that is so important that i hold on to them? part of me wants to just trash whatever is still packed because hell, we've lived a month and a half without it. another part wants to just leave the stuff in the boxes and have a great time in 40 years sifting through the junk that we just had to move to the new house that we at the time (now) thought was so valuable. the other final part of me is begging God to give me about 4 more hours in each day, or at least make finn take a little longer of a nap, so i can just deal with this torture and unpack for good.

i'm never moving again. never ever. never ever ever. or at least i'm hiring movers and someone to unpack and organize me.


  1. so i would glaaaaaadly distract finn while you sort through/throw away boxes of crap. free of charge, of course. seriously. i'd be happy to do it.

  2. I totally hear ya! moving sucks. you realize justhow much crap you do have.. but then have to come with terms w/ what to do with it! I can't wait to see your place all done too!