Monday, July 13, 2009

sand between my toes

we've made it. finn had his first road trip down to gulf shores, alabama. we are 3 days into the vacation and loving every minute of it. currently, however, there is a hurricane of fun over the beach, so we are going to be watching the bachelorette and staying indoors tonight! anyways, we have just been relaxing and enjoying the beach and water. by we, i mean me. josh is somewhat fair-skinned and doesn't enjoy just sitting in the heat. finn apparently does not like the heat...or the sand...or the we are continuously easing him into the water and putting him in the bumbo, so as to not get too much sand on his sweet little toes. by the end of this trip, he will be a beach baby! i am certain to make that happen.


  1. Don't worry...Luke's first beach trip was to Gulf Shores at that age and he hated it too. But now he LOVES the beach! Almost as much as me. Have fun! Eat a pony shoe at the Pink Pony for me :)

  2. Sara, funny you say that because all the boys did have a pony shoe at the pink pony and almost died. : ) hahaa

  3. looks like so much fun!! i am jealous =)
    beckham just got that striped outfit for a gift.... so cute! glad you guys are home safe