Wednesday, September 2, 2009

domestic adult

tonight, i whipped up some brownies (from a box) just before company arrived. at about 9:30, i got my pajamas on to prepare for bed. first though, i had to put a load of laundry in, so i would have a clean pair of pants to wear tomorrow at work. then, i got finn's food ready for the morning, so josh wouldn't have to. now, i've just finished doing the dishes. who is this person that is inhabiting my body? i, ladies and gentleman, am a wife.

in small group a couple weeks ago, elizabeth challenged us to think of something that we would be willing to commit to for the next 4 weeks. this could be something spiritual or something that just would improve our lives in some way. well, 2 weeks in, i finally have decided what i want to commit to. 1. turn off the tv more during the day (and night) so i have time to do the things that need to get done. 2. be nicer to josh. both are remarkably difficult. in regards to 2, i just take a lot out on josh, because some days he is the only person i talk to. he gets the culmination of everything that has gone wrong with the day thrown upon him when he walks in the door. to quote a song i am currently obsessed with, "sometimes i forget to love you like i should." i think i just need to show more love, without the noise of "jon & kate + 8" in the background.

the picture is of finn's home-made baby food. it is so much more vibrant and delicious than the pre-packaged variety, and i don't gag whenever i get a whiff.

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