Wednesday, September 16, 2009


i have never told you how much i love my niece. after each time i see her, i ache the next week because i miss her so much and crave sneaking in more moments together. she is just the most adorable, petite little thing that ever did walk the face of this earth. she is getting to that amazing stage of running and giggling and talking up a storm. and though the exact words are indecipherable, she says them with such attitude that i get her. she is spectacular.

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  1. from macy:
    xooyygoujiojnmik kjn kjo nmlwhj nn

    it reads: I love you so much aunt kaite and I have fun with you because you let me do things mommy doesn't! : ) Plus you let me pick on finn (apparently-from the picture) but I know someday he'll be bigger than me and get me back! : ) Thanks for all you do for me and for loving me!