Tuesday, September 15, 2009

refried beans

after my grandfather's viewing on friday, my family needed some time to unwind. we headed out to "the mexican restaurant" as my immediate family calls it, which we found out is actually called mi camino real. well, they have fantastic margaritas and we got a large table where most of my extended family got to come and just relax after a long night at the funeral home. midway through the meal, my aunt patty offered some beans to finn. i gave him a few bites, which he loved. big surprise, this kid eats anything. regretfully i offered him the rest of the plate to play and eat and do as he wished. bad move. the remainder of the night into the wee hours of the morning, there was astonishingly loud moaning coming from this tiny little baby, with a rumbling in his stomach that gave warning of excitement to come. at about 3, slight relief came, as this sweet little boy belched directly into my face with a stench that made my eyes water. the rest of the excitement didn't show up until morning. no more frijoles refritos...ever!


  1. i am so sorry. I realized after you left that I never asked you about your weekend.. the funeral.etc. I feel really bad.
    as soon as Brigham started solids, we started him on refried beans. since we ate at little mexico once a week.. and he had been there many times in utero.. we had to get him started. such a cheap meal for the bambino. but yeah you pay for it later! LOL

  2. I am still laughing at his face, hands, body, etc. after the beans and guacamole (is that how you spell it?). He's so amazing! : ) Love him so much and his cute bean covered face!

  3. this looks like the scenario after my grandpa's funeral... except we were at a pizza place. our waitress thought we were so crazy and couldn't believe we had just come from a funeral! we had a framed picture of my grandpa and made her get an extra chair for him. hahaha

    those memories are precious... i'm glad your family could have that time together!