Tuesday, September 15, 2009


brody knows better. he isn't one of those dogs who is too stupid to understand the concept of pooping outside. this morning, i saw him run as fast as he could out of the living room and into his crate in the family room. instantly, i began my detective work. sure enough, two amazing piles of poo were in the living room with their fresh aroma filling my entire house like a tear-gas grenade. i bent down to grab it with a tissue and it slipped. instead of letting it drop on the already disgusting carpet, my stupid instincts kicked in and i caught it in my bare hand. it took about 3 seconds before i realized i was holding extremely warm poo in my hands.


  1. you have the best writing skills and stories... you should write a book. then your silly doggy will at least be pooping with a purpose. "fresh aroma"..."tear gas grenade"....seriously, you have talent!

  2. hahahaha elizabeth's comment "oh crap!" made me laugh. also this story did too. but that's a bummer... i've done it before. i hope your day/week got/gets better!! :)