Monday, February 1, 2010

lady gaga: take 2 & number twenty six

after she canceled the last concert and the additional two weeks of waiting, lady gaga took the stage. she was amazing. i cannot express it enough. she was one of the best concerts that i have ever been to. it was complete performance the entire time. some of it, i didn't quite understand, like the woman puking blue goo all over lady gaga in a white dress. all i could guess was that it was a statement about vanity, but seriously, she's a little wild. at one point, i dancing with the music and turned to josh to see him standing completely upright, arms crossed, with a slightly confused look on his face. he felt a little out of place, though more in place than the 55 year old man ten rows behind us with two 14 year old girls. oh dad!

one thing that made me feel incredibly old was that i kept complaining that it was too loud (which it was). the next day at work, i had to tell everyone to speak up because i couldn't hear a word they were saying. apparently, my ears ring at the same frequency that most people talk.


  1. wait.. thats not the Josh, I saw the last time.. what happened to him!!
    .. that girl is one crazy crazy chic! glad you could gaga! =)

  2. Sounds like a really fun concert. I haven't been to one in YEARS.