Friday, February 19, 2010

a valentine's day surprise

josh was busy all last week trying to get purdue work done before he left town for a week, so he was a little frazzled. in spite of this, he told me he wanted to plan our date night and surprise me since i had planned the childcare (finn's first night away from both parents---he stayed with my mom). i was so excited on friday getting finn packed and ready, drove him to meet my mom, started heading back home and called josh. i asked what he had planned for the night, and he said 'nothing'. i smiled and said 'okay' because i thought he was covering up a big master plan of romance and everything special. i got home and found out that when he said 'nothing' he meant nothing. the surprise was there was no surprise? it's true. to his credit, he tried to hide the 'no surprise' with flowers. after whining and maybe a little louder than normal talking, we ended up going to get indian food at bombay, reading magazines at borders, then going to see valentine's day at the theatre. not exactly romantic or out of our norm. and regardless of my incessant complaints of him not planning anything, it ended up being a pretty okay night. maybe even a 7 out of 10 night. i think josh would be pleased with a C.


  1. I am laughing that you had your camera.. LOVE that you have your camera. laughing that Josh took "the shot" with you at borders. A always gets SO mad when I want to 'flash' in public! LOL
    glad you ended with a happy night!

  2. from one camera fanatic to another:-) I think it is great you always have your camera with you. I love Starbucks heart cups. (i took pics of mine too:-p) hee hee!