Friday, February 19, 2010

sick? eat cheese.

this is not the diary of a good mother. this is me and all the choices i make and the fact that i don't really care whether they are right or wrong. finn had a fever and diarrhea for a couple days, so i decided to take him to the doctor to just make sure things were okay. i had also had a fever and was feeling like absolute crud, so i may or may not have been projecting my feelings onto finn as additional symptoms. i kept thinking 'how can this child be acting so fine when he feels like crud?' well, katie, it's because maybe he didn't feel like crud and your selfish mindset couldn't see past the abdominal cramps and head cramps and body aches and utter exhaustion that you were feeling. SELFISH.
anyways, the doctor said, well his diarrhea and fever could be because he caught a common bug that is going around or maybe it's because he's getting a tooth. i seriously need to stop going to the doctor whenever finn is getting a tooth. i'm not joking, this is the third time i've rushed him in to the md expecting they say 'take him to the hospital immediately' yet they tell me to give him a shot of tylenol. same diagnosis again. give him tylenol and maybe keep him away from dairy products for a couple days to stop the diarrhea.

next stop after the doctor was none other than moe's southwest grill for cheese quesadillas and a big glass of kid's milk. my selfish mindset could only think 'i need moes to boost my spirits' but the old-man-farts coming from finn afterwards may have pointed toward bad choice. ah, he seems fine today.

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  1. um you need to cross off number 4 on your list.
    this was a cute post. sorry you had a copay for that news.. ha. totally been there!