Thursday, August 26, 2010

and then i gained 10 iq points.

today, i'm introducing smart katie. i picked up my glasses today with the full intention of them being work-only glasses. the only time i noticed my poor eyesight was looking up from the computer screen in the artificial (terrible) lighting cloud that is cvs and taking 4.68 seconds for my eyes to barely focus on the person in front of me. other than that, i had no inkling that my eyes were failing me. until today. on the way home from the doctor's, i placed them on my face and bam! did you all know that trees have LEAVES? there is a sudden definition in my world that i hadn't noticed was missing in the last year of my life. so now my work-only glasses may turn into all-the-time glasses and i'll have a new obsession of purchasing many fancy and distinct pairs.

also of note. i just happened to have chosen a near identical pair to my husband's, which just makes us look more like one another. hey, that's what couples are supposed to do, right? FANTASTIC!


  1. I like!! that's funny.. do people say you look like Josh?

  2. the nerd title (to appropriately fit your new look) would be "glasses of wisdom: +10 intellect"