Tuesday, August 31, 2010

touch my belly!

yesterday on our nightly walk, we passed by a couple neighbors we hadn't met yet, and the woman asked me when i was due! finally! people are confident enough that i'm pregnant to ask. the last few weeks i've been almost there, but it's official people. i look pregnant!

i'm over halfway there. i cannot believe it. i feel like i'm so unprepared to have two. finn makes sure to show me daily that i already have my hands full with just him, so i will have quite the adventure when i'm trying to get him to stop jumping off the side of his chair (which he doing right now) while breastfeeding a newborn and trying not to lift over 20 pounds (yeah right) and keeping the house a little bit clean and getting finn to stop dialing on the phone and changing double the poopy diapers and washing all those poopy baby clothes and pumping and trying to take a quick nap and ... i wish i were an elephant. they have a 22 month pregnancy, so i would still have a long long way to go and more time to worry about how this whole mom-of-two thing works.

but i need to stop getting ahead of myself. i'm pregnant. with an amazing little creation. while the pregnancy itself has made me feel pretty disgusting, the last 4 weeks have momentously made up for them. this kid has been bumping and kicking and what feels like surfing from one side to the other. i will never get tired of this. it's a daily reminder that the vomiting and headaches and backaches and constipation are completely worth it, and that in 18 short weeks, there will be another new person on this planet. a person that i really hope looks a lot like finn. because come on, he's pretty awesome!


  1. Congratulations on the new little one! I miss having mine little:-) At least some days...LOL!

  2. I love these little feet! Thank you for growing this little darling for all of our enjoyment!!