Wednesday, August 18, 2010

overly everything

i think it's probably the pregnancy hormones (i blame everything on them), but yesterday watching all the moms and dads drop their kids off at the first day of school overwhelmed me with a flood of emotions that i still am not quite understanding. friends from work had said, "just wait, you'll get crazy emotional when finn goes to kindergarten" and i assured them they were 100 percent wrong. i am just not that type of mom. from the emotional response today however, i am certain that i will be the woman crying many tears as my finn turns his back and runs into school with no regard to my feelings. if i'm pregnant when that happens, which is highly unlikely, oh boy, i'll be the crazy lady being dragged out by elementary school security screaming "MY BABY! MY BABY! MY SWEET LITTLE BABY!" because i was nearly there today. looking at my sweet 20-month old and imagining how completely happy he'll be to leave me and enter the great big world of school. i am so thankful i have 4 years before this madness is reality. until then, i'll take photos of him in the outfit of his choice (boots and all) with his backpack as i drop him off at his nonny's while i go to work. that's all the emotional inner turmoil i can take today.


  1. awwww. where were you that you saw all the kiddos going to school? and his outfit rocks. funny , we just came back from the library and Brig got an ironman book. (didn't even think he knew who he was). my boy is turning into a boy! and Finn's pack rocks. love it. I am not sure if its the hormones or not. but hopefully you'll be like me and have littles at home to distract you from the fact that your first born is heading to school !

  2. He already looks so old!! Love the boots, Finn.