Monday, September 13, 2010

23 weeks

16 and 1/2 weeks remain until this little nugget/baby bird is welcomed into the world. i feel badly calling it a nugget if it turns out to be a baby girl, because that just doesn't sound very delicate and we'll probably have caused her a complex before she is born. as i get each week closer and closer, which seems to be moving at record-breakingly slow speeds, i get the aching (in a good way) feeling that we might be welcoming a little lady into our homestead. at first, i was heartbroken to think that was an option, but i'm getting more excited with each passing day that finn would have a sister to watch out for the rest of his life. as always though, i am not going to get fixed on the idea of pink and sugarplums invading our overwhelmingly testosterone-driven toy room/baby room/kids' bathroom/world. if it's a boy, this crazy fighting, kicking, screaming, throwing, rumble-tumble life will just continue. i'm excited about that option, too.

yesterday, i asked finn if he wanted a baby boy or baby girl and for the first time, he didn't just say no. while he wouldn't make a choice and declare his desire for this baby, this is major progress. he coyly said it was his baby. i'm excited he's beginning to get interested.


  1. you totally should have found out and saved yourself a lot of stress! lol but surprises are fun too- just annoying!

    you are looking so cute.. so are you not coming to see me for belly pictures??? =(

  2. You are such a beautiful incubator for our grandbaby #4. We all are so fortunate to have this baby boy/girl arriving in a few months. I think Finn will be ready :)

  3. i think it's a girl.

    and you are super cute! :)