Friday, September 17, 2010

little josh

finn has suddenly taken notice that his clothes change every day and that perhaps he could have a say in his clothing choices. this morning, that meant spending 9:30-10:30 sitting in his bedroom while he went through his clothes and told me why he wasn't going to wear said shirt or pants. finally, at 10:30, i had had enough. seriously finn, i got ready in about 15 minutes including shower just to race into your room where you make me wait. i wrestled him to the ground and put on his choices while he screamed and explained that i was mean and he wanted something else. what that something else was, i don't completely know, because he now has a sweet little high-pitched screech that he has introduced into his angry vocabulary. i believe he said something like, "EEEEK! i AHHHH wear shorts doggy BLLLLLEEEECCCCHHHH shirt blue." it's the perfect way to start each morning.

in case you were wondering about the title, no, i do not deal with josh doing this every morning, whining about what he is going to wear for over an hour until i wrestle him and force him into putting something on. it has to do with the attire that finn finally decided on that i then had to wrestle him into. if he wants to wear jeans, he says, "daddy pants." if he wants to wear a plaid shirt, "daddy shirt." apparently, if he wants to roll the sleeves up on that plaid shirt, code word is "daddy's arms." with the "daddy shoes" in place, he is officially a little josh now. uh, josh, do you think you need to spice up your wardrobe a little when even your son expects you to wear tshirts, plaid button-ups, and jeans? hmmmm.

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  1. oh finn! he's so funny! he looks like a mini josh dressed like that too. Jeff and I are cracking up at the fact that he even notices the sleeves rolled up and pants and everything. hahaha! we love you finn!