Monday, September 27, 2010


i don't know if it was the extreme generational gap (bill cosby is now 73!) or the fact that his jokes were oddly reminiscent of how my dad tells stories, but days later i still don't quite understand the cosby comedy tour. looking around at the crowd of baby-boomers-parents and hearing their slightly maniacal laughter at literally every word that cosby slurred, i felt like i shouldn't have been in the 5th row of an auditorium with 6,000 other people, but instead have been swinging on his front porch listening to the far-too-long stories of the past while drinking a sweet tea after our early bird dinner. it really was an only need to see once experience for me, especially because i envision the same random story telling occurring around the dinner table when my dad hits 75 or 80 and tells us all about the life he's lived. what it boils down to is bill cosby is basically my dad.

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  1. how did you get that picture? ours from our phone sucked!
    when he walked on stage.. A said to me "where is my mom?".. I said what.. and then he said.. " well my dad is here, I figure mom must be around somplace.
    literally. down to the outfit.. though A's dad would have had a non matching hat on and a fanny pack. but literally. he is Bill Cosby. A has said his child hood punishment was listening to the 'commentary'.. worse than a beating! LOL