Tuesday, September 28, 2010

the little things in life

i'm not sure what fascinates little boys (and grown men) with machines and trucks and buses and boats, but finn is fascinated. women just aren't wired the same i guess. boys though, it's in their dna to want to crash cars and play with trains and drive a bulldozer. step one though to driving construction equipment is riding public transportation. the moment finn woke up, i asked if he would want to take the city bus to visit daddy on campus, and for the next 3 hours, he asked what time the bus would pick us up and if it was the yellow bus or the blue bus. very important information in his little 21 month old mind.

we walked to the bus stop, hopped on board and he was stunned for the entire 27 minute trip. he narrated the entire thing, telling me when people got on and off, what the driver was doing, that there were other cars on the road, that he was having a happy day, that he was sitting in a blue seat on a blue bus! he was fascinated. utterly impressed. i'm glad that a free trip on the bus can completely blow his toddler mind, though now i fear the constant question, "mommy finn go ride on the blue bus?"


  1. well.perhaps one day , he will have that life in which he can board the bus each and every day. or not.

    is he really talking that much? I can't believe it!

  2. Simple pleasures...enjoy this happy little guy!