Friday, October 15, 2010


before i had finn, i had this pretentious idea that i would never let my child watch television. never ever ever! that quickly changed when finn was introduced at a very young age to the world of yo gabba gabba dvd's by i'm not sure who. one day, he just woke up and had the videos at his disposal and the rest is history. his occasional watching for a couple seconds while playing turned into "i neeeeeeeeeed muno" and he would sit with his full attention on the gang. naturally, when i heard they were coming through indy for a yo gabba gabba live show, i knew we had to be there.

after months of preparing to go with my sister-in-law and niece, there was a slight last minute change of plans due to the two-week long laboring of her second child that she's been a little preoccupied with. seriously little girl, just come out already. her substitute, brother jeff, was amazingly excited and looked at home in the crowd of mostly moms with their awkward/bored-looking husbands. anyway, finn loved it. he barely smiled the entire time, but the mouth open stare definitely made me think he was in awe of the whole thing.

biz markee was there with his "beat of the day"! finn could care less!

see! jeff's ridiculously excited!


  1. so that is YGG? I hadn't had a chance to google them yet? what exactly are they? do they do? um, yeah.. I think that kid's brain is on overload!!

  2. I am still bummed I couldn't go, but the thought of sitting there or dancing, etc. make me feel crazy. : ) Plus I think jeff and macy needed the daddy date (you know he really couldn't wait!) : ) hahaha thanks for the good pictures!