Monday, October 18, 2010

i may be crazy

i went to target last night for the sole purpose of buying some pull-ups. i know. what on earth was i thinking? after many many many many attempts at dissuading sir finn and telling him that he most certainly did not want to go on the potty, i'm giving in. at his little sweet 22 months old, we're going to give it a go and attempt potty training. part of me thinks we'll end the week with him totally uninterested in the potty and me totally okay with it, but there's always that chance that he is in fact ready and that our bank account will in fact be larger by each passing week (until the next set of diapering begins of course). it's crazy, right? he's still my little baby monkey.

thing is, i don't really even know what to do. pray for me. this is going to be one hell of a challenge.

google side note: while researching potty training, one site recommended that i teach my child to say the word 'eliminate' in place of 'pee, potty or poop' lest i want him to be a heathen and use such improper language. forgive me friends, this kid of mine will be saying poop and i'll be so dang proud!


  1. wow... if he is pt before Tatum... wow.
    and yes.. I do think you are crazy! friends I know that tried waaay to early just got frustrated and both mom and baby ended up in tears. It is totally ok to try again.. remember.. there are statistics that show and I have had lots of friends say that their pt kid reverted back to pooping in their pants when new baby came.. just sayin' you may want to relieve any added stress. on the other hand, F could be super "wiz"kid and be pt in a week. go you !

  2. maybe he'll be like his cousin and run out of resturant bathrooms informing the entire place that she just pooped on the potty. hahaha I so did not teach her to do that, but it makes her happy. I guess I missed the note on teaching her the word, eliminate!