Monday, October 18, 2010

lions and tigers and dragons, oh my!

in attempts to get alyssa's contractions started again and let the first-borns enjoy every moment of this beautiful fall weekend, we had a jam-packed weekend of festivities. on saturday, we took the kids to the indianapolis zoo for the annual zooboo. basically, kids dress up in their halloween garb, look cute, get candy, and run around looking at the animals. it was adorable. and for once in my entire life, i was at the zoo when it wasn't 110 degrees and the animals were actually doing something other than sleeping. amazing, i know. who knew the zoo actually had moving, playing, noisy happy animals? i'm so used to the depressed, sweaty ones, but awake ones...blew our minds.

next up, pizza. i know. does not relate to fall in the slightest, but it was delicious. and then i realized finn and i had eaten pizza 3 of the last 4 nights. now if i ask what he wants to eat, he says pizza. mom of the year right here!

sunday. more fall festivities. we headed to the pumpkin patch for our annual picture taking session. seriously, i think i shouted, "finn, look at mommy! finn, say cheese! finn, no no no!" about 400 times. it was so much fun, especially because sweet baby finn rode on a pony like a champ. a live pony. and he didn't get scared. i nearly peed myself in excitement, though that could also be due to the large baby that presses on my bladder constantly. he still talks about simon the horse, and expects at all moments that i will take him there for another ride.

i highly recommend taking advantage of these beautiful fall days!

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  1. while you and Finn find the horse rideing experience exhilarating, the leader of the pony is sleep walking. cute pics of the lil dragon. we have never made it down to the INdy boo at the zoo.. but this will be the first year we don't to the columbian park zoo =(