Monday, October 4, 2010

house guest!

it is beyond easy to tell that finn is thoroughly enjoying the fact that his uncle josh has moved into the mcdowell manor for the next week, month, or year. we're still not completely clear on the duration. either way, every time we leave the house, finn says he wants to go back to "our house PLAY WITH JOSH." and then he annoyingly pesters josh to let him watch animal shows on his computer. this shot was taken over josh's computer screen as finn giggled hysterically at foxes jumping on a trampoline. youtube it. it's the highlight of finn's night, perhaps his entire life.

and yes. it is completely confusing for everyone involved when i yell for josh. they both shout back and then i remember i have to use last names in my own house. a small price to pay to spend so much fun time with my little brother. maybe i should just say fun time and leave off the so much part, because at this point, we only spend the evenings together. he has this knack for waking up at 4pm. oh the joys of being single, young, and employed by online poker.


  1. at least josh knows how to entertain the kids! Macy loves watching videos he finds on youtube too! hahaha

  2. I will say that I miss my's quiet here.