Friday, October 9, 2009


finn just finished his lunch of peas, tortilla, corncake, pulled pork, and avocado. it now takes us so much longer than it had, because he wants nothing to do with a spoon* or me feeding him. so, instead of giving him a container of baby food, i have to prepare food. i don't know if he is aware of this, but he was born to a mother who knows how to order out and occasionally make pasta. i'm certainly trying this cooking (and cleaning) thing, but it is all very unnatural to me.

*trying to get him used to using utensils, i put one on the tray next to his food. he threw it on the ground two seconds after this photo was taken.

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  1. isn't it amazing the things we do (or learn to do) for our little ones....and with joy, too.