Monday, October 19, 2009

pumpkin pie and all things fall.

fall is here. i am in love. i absolutely love the colors, the crispness of the air, wearing scarves, and the fun adventures. finn, josh, and i went to the pumpkin patch with jeff, alyssa, and macy yesterday. we took a hayride out to the field to pick the perfect pumpkin. the weather was fantastic and the kids were nearly perfect in spite of missing their nap. oh perfection.

at stoneycreek farms, you have to buy tickets in order to the do the different rides and games. they didn't have a corn maze (sorry #23) so we bought tickets to do the straw maze and have finn ride on the pumpkin train. they said it was for kids 10 and under, so we thought finn would have so much fun. first, the straw maze just wasn't for us. we couldn't take the stroller through and finn wanted to just crawl around in the mud. then, the pumpkin train, or should i call it the metal cage of death. i thought it would have nice seats and little seat belts for the little ones. hmph. instead it was a metal barrel with a wood block seat. no child of mine at the tiny age of 10 months was going to survive in that. so, instead of using our 7 tickets, we used 2 and some lucky kid got to enjoy the remaining 5 on a jumpy haunted house (no adults allowed).

also of note: i have a fondness for autumnal colors and love this period of time where the world just looks like it is on fire. it is beyond amazing. however, this new house with its ugly trees keep me from experiencing that joy. the leaves in front are falling, but they are still a vibrant green. come on, turn already.


  1. have i mentioned how cute finn is?! sooooo adorable!


  2. great pictures!! my goodness.. did mama threaten. the 'if you're not good, I'll turn you into a pumpkin' threat again?
    and um... where is the pumpkin pie.. that is what intrigued me into your post!! LOL

  3. it was so fun! I am still picturing Macy chasing after finn grabing him yelling because she thought he was crawling away. She tried oh so hard to pick him up. sorry macy, finn weighs as much as you! ha! : ) great pictures!