Thursday, October 8, 2009

unexpected gifts

today, i came home to not one, but two packages in the mail. these weren't your run-of-the-mill i-ordered-something-yesterday packages. these were unexpected someone-must-love-me, christmas-morning-style packages. the kind that make you giddy to open and discover what is inside. the sheer joy of tearing into the first box was intense. inside was a free sigg bottle from the company, because apparently there was some type of security breach. so, i get a free sigg in place of the tiniest possibility that my address was leaked. seems like a good deal.

the second package seemed even more exciting. instead of being in a plain cardboard box, it was in a pretty purple and yellow box with swirls and girly details. this had to be good. who would send me such a fantastic box with something equally fantastic inside? *pause for suspense building* cvs. seriously. are you kidding me. inside were kotex tampons and the largest sanitary pad that i have ever seen in my entire life. for those of you who have had a child realize that to top the size of the pads in the hospital, it must be ginormous. it is! all i could think was why hadn't i opened this one first?


  1. So Mother Nature sent you a nice :)

  2. that is hilarious! did you call josh and tell him enthusiastically about your gifts?