Wednesday, October 7, 2009

number twenty two

we went to the indianapolis colts game on sunday when they played (or demolished) the seattle seahawks. it was josh vanvactor's birthday celebration, so the entire family, minus babies, packed themselves up and went to cheer on our favorite team. we had great seats, but i was as terrified as i was excited. there was a barely hip level piece of glass separating me from uncertain death. i nearly peed myself trying to get to my seat, as i had to climb over about 7 men to get to it. we all survived. no one plummetted the 30 feet down onto fellow colts fans/cement. it was a good day. go colts.


  1. OK...time to cross off #16!

  2. oh mom! we're going to wait even longer to tell you this time around, so... :)