Wednesday, October 28, 2009

leaves and cool weather

i took finn outside and not 3 seconds later there was a leaf in his mouth. we've hit that stage where everything on the ground should be tasted immediately. a few weeks ago, we were at borders and finn inserted a small piece of black rubber in his mouth. i was appalled because it was a clearly worn down piece of filth. little did i know, that was the beginning of a habit that consistently ends in me saying, "oh no, finn. that is not food." today alone, i have pried out a leaf, dog food, fuzz from the carpet, a used kleenex, an old concert ticket, and a piece of styrofoam that i am still unsure of the origin. i have a feeling that i will one day be that parent in the emergency room, with a child with a marble stuck up the nose and a few other marbles in the belly. there's never a dull moment in this house.


  1. hey. these look familiar? too cute!see if you were a scrapbooker, you could take pics of him eating all of this stuff and then create a page =)
    but I guess you did just document it!

  2. i love that first picture. finn looks so intelligent {more than usual, that is...} i think he is thinking, "hmm... now how is this particular leaf different from the rest?"