Thursday, November 19, 2009

destruction is his middle name.

from the moment he breathed his first breath, i was looking forward to the next step. i couldn't wait for him to coo, to roll over, to sit up, to crawl, to now walk. and with each step, people would say, "oh, just enjoy this time. don't rush into the next thing. it's so much easier at this stage than the next." i should have listened, although i am finally realizing that i just want to stay in this stage for a while. finn is exhausting and he's not even walking yet. he is in everything, more vocal than ever, wanting to be on my lap or in my arms regardless of what i need to get done at that moment. if he only realized that the only reason i am trying to clean this house or do the laundry or make lunch or relax for a split second is because of him. baby, you are already the center of my universe, there is no need for me to prove it by crawling on the ground or carrying you around all day or making noises that i am glad no other adults are in ear-shot. i fear walking. i seriously fear it.

yesterday, he did give me a few chances to get some housework done. after the few minutes of quiet, i knew something was up and every time he just smiled proudly to show off the mess he made. how can i possibly discipline this 11-month old charmer?


  1. I wish I could tell you that the destruction will stop when he gets older. But at 2 1/2 Luke is still doing it! Yesterday while I was in the shower, he unwrapped an entire 5 feet long roll of spiderman Christmas wrapping paper and shredded it all over my room. BOYS!

  2. love it! it is not distraction. it is exploration!!