Monday, November 9, 2009

don't eat leaves or other kid's snacks

we spent the afternoon in happy hollow with our friends elisa and joey again. it's november and it's still in the 60's and wonderful. i count my blessings every day we get to spend just a little more time outside. these days are numbered. we had snack-time while resting out in the crisp air. poor child (joey) didn't know what hit him. joey sweetly nibbles on his puffs 1 by 1, while finn ate an entire container of his own puffs then stole joey's by the fistful, at one point trying to pry one out of the sweet child's mouth. and of course his bad behavior is just amplified by the fact that he can't eat cleanly and has crumbs covering the blanket, his clothes, his hands, his face, you name it. i still do not understand how he gets crumbs in his diaper. i think we have finally hit the point where 2 baths a week just isn't cutting it. he's filthy enough that i can no longer say, "oh, babies just get messy sometimes...." he's gross. but so darn cute.

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