Wednesday, November 4, 2009

monkeying around.

mr. finn had his first halloween and was a monkey. we decided on this costume solely based upon finn's reaction to seeing and feeling it. in the middle of children's place, he immediately starting laughing when he saw it. then, i let him touch it and he squealed with delight. decision made.

we really wanted to take him trick-or-treating, but we thought it might be weird taking a 10-month-old around to houses asking for candy. really, we would only be there to have them tell us our child was cute and to feed us their sweets. so we opted to go to kathy's for a quick photo pretending to be trick-or-treating, then came home to hand out candy. problem: no one came. poor finn just sat in his costume for over an hour waiting for people to come and he was very disappointed. oh well, lots of candy for us.

funny story: the day before halloween, i had pulled finn's costume out and was acting goofy wearing the monkey face hat and chasing finn around. he yanked it off my head and put it on his. for most of the remainder of the day, he kept that hat on and giggled when it touched it.

in his first halloween bib
mcdowell family
getting squished into the car seat


  1. That monkey man is the cutest monkey I have ever seen. His smile is precious. Give that guy a banana any time he wants!

  2. Matt and I really love the monkey costume. He is so incredibly cute. I bet he just couldn't stop rubbing his fuzzy little tummy!