Friday, November 13, 2009

don't trust the quiet

in a house that experiences quiet only when the baby and pooch are asleep (or when josh isn't watching one of his 'it-needs-to-be-loud' movies), i was struck with slight fear not once but twice in the last two days. you know, that instance when you realize that you haven't heard a peep for way longer than normal. in fact, you can't even remember the last noise that you heard. instance one, josh and i were in the kitchen figuring things out for dinner. no noise from finn for an absurdly long duration, so i hurried into the office to find him stuck. under the chair. it took me far too long to pry him out. i still wonder how he managed to get into that position and not get fearful for his life (i hate enclosed spaces).scenario two, i was watching tv on the couch with finn just at the end on the floor playing with toys. i hadn't heard a noise, so i joyfully thought, "wow, he finally realizes he can play by himself." not twenty seconds later, i hear this insane laughter and i leaned around to see him. apparently, toys are for dummies. the real excitement lies in the new box of kleenex that was just on the side table. i know what we'll be getting him for christmas!!!

1 comment:

  1. has he started pulling off the toliet paper rolls yet? hahaa