Friday, November 13, 2009

praying to the rock gods

it was if i were back in high school. a couple weeks ago, our life group was over just to hang out, so of course we had to break out rock band. when the beatles version came out a couple months ago, i was a little hesitant that we would never play it and the huge band set (drums, mic/mic stand, two guitars) would sit sadly in the corner collecting dust. instead, we have had many afternoons/nights of rocking out to the extreme. some of us get so much better (me!) and others pathetically worse (robbie) with each new song. and josh is just the resident rockstar. he may not be as good as brother josh, but i'll still be his groupie.


  1. cool ! did you fisheye this? hope our men are having fun.. mine isn't even in the rankings yet.. lol

  2. I love your mirror on the wall!! It will look good with your new bookshelf!