Wednesday, November 4, 2009

number 23

on november 1st, the last day it was open, josh finn & i ventured through the corn maze in lafayette. it was insane. i initially thought, "okay, let's spend 30 minutes inside this thing and never get lost and zip through and cross it off your list." boy, was i wrong. next year, we are going to invite everyone to go with us, because it was absolutely confusing and fun and could have taken us so long to get through the whole thing. if it hadn't been for daylight savings time (which i hate), it wouldn't have gotten so dark so quickly and we could have maybe made it through without icicle fingers and red noses. let me just tell you, it wasn't creepy until the sun started going down. suddenly, ideas about children of the corn came rushing through my head and i was certain we would die in the middle and no one would find us. didn't happen. we're alive. and we'll go again next year.


  1. I'm glad some things are getting crossed off the list...time is starting to run out!!

  2. we took our kids there last much fun! this year we didn't make it back;-(